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The plaintiff (most probably at the suggestion of her attorney) changed strategy & decided khổng lồ employ a procedural argument rather than substantive sầu one.
We encourage families to obtain durable power of attorney for health care for their demented relatives and avoid the cost and procedures of guardianship.
In this instance, the cemetery"s attorneys almost welcomed defeat as a way to kết thúc their " " untenable legal position.
Their voices show that attorneys were not always able lớn steer witnesses along by putting words in their mouths or by asking leading questions.
Surely opportunities khổng lồ be physicians or attorneys should be confined to lớn those who have the requisite talents.
Having established credibility, he then moves to lớn challenge or contradict what the attorneys have said.
In the autumn of 1764 he seemed likely to lớn return to office, either as attorney general or master of the rolls.
Less than 2.5 per cent of all inventories were for professional people (attorneys, apothecaries, barbers, schoolteachers, surgeons and clerks).
If the issue is borderline, then the competing efforts of attorneys will tover to reveal the issue"s borderline status.
Some assistant district attorneys went as far as putting pressure on men khổng lồ go through with a marriage.
In the late seventeenth century, it was quite probably through word of mouth and the brokerage of local attorneys.
As a consequence of these various pressures attorneys tended to lớn remain aloof from politics và interested primarily in their own professional advancement.
For instance, following the injury the man completed college, then law school, & at the time of the study was a practicing attorney.
To a certain extent, the journal created an imagined professional community composed of the growing socio-professional class that included judges, public prosecutors, attorneys và clerks.

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In the face of these developments, defense attorneys were learning to lớn stay away from fingerprint examiners.
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an informal dance in which people vày traditional khiêu vũ in rows & circles, changing partners regularly

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