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We tested our all-new Cleanup Premium in our labs using industry-standard tools, và the results exceeded even our own expectations. See just how much you could achieve in real life: faster startups, better performance, và more room for what really matters.

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No matter how advanced PCs & laptops get, speed & disk space over up becoming an issue for hundreds of millions of users sooner or later. Things inevitably slow down. Until now.

We’ve built Cleanup Premium, our most powerful PC optimization và maintenance tool. To test how well it performs, we tried it on both older và newer machines running Windows 7 và Windows 10.

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Desktop PC (Chip Core 2 Duo)

Medion® Akoya Running Windows 7



Gaming PC (Chip Core i7)

Alienware™ X51 Running Windows 7



Ultrabook (Chip Core i7)

Surface Book Running Windows 10

Faster Startup Times

If you can make a cup of coffee while your PC starts, we think your boot time is too long. Here’s how Cleanup Premium boosted our chạy thử machines’ startup times:

The results: Third-các buổi party applications made even the faster Alienware suffer from major delays in boot time, as services, startup items and scheduled tasks took ages to load.

Faster Office và multitruyền thông media performance

Are Office & other applications painfully slow? Time to push the throttle. In our industry-standard PCMark thử nghiệm, we measured how fast our PCs worked with Office (spreadsheets, slides, huge Word docs...) and multitruyền thông applications (đoạn Clip compression, encoding…) before and after Cleanup Premium.

The results: Both older và newer PCs gained a heap of performance points— up to lớn 51% faster than before.


Games are very sensitive towards any application running in the background — và for gamers, every frame per second (FPS) counts.

The results: Even though games are highly dependent on the performance of graphics cards, Cleanup Premium was able to lớn improve sầu FPS between 6 and 9%. Some gamers spend hundreds of dollars just lớn achieve this sort of improvement!


We calculated the total amount of temporary files & browser caches that can be cleaned up with Cleanup Premium.

The results: In the older PC, Cleanup Premium found over 40GB of old, obsolete system restore points. On top of that, it removed 28GB worth of temporary files from Windows & other programs — a grand total of 68GB! The newer machines weren’t harboring quite so much junk, but having 10% of a shiny new máy vi tính (Surface Book) taken up by digital crud is annoying và unnecessary. Cleanup Premium liberates that disk space for you khổng lồ use as you please.

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