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Hey Guys, Welcome lớn! Are you are confused about which BlueStacks version khổng lồ install on your low-end PC? Or not able khổng lồ choose then continue to our post on, How lớn Download BlueStacks 2 Offline Installer for Windows and Mac? Bluestacks is one of the best and most widely used Android emulators for Windows và Mac. Create a virtual Android device on your Windows or MAC PC, using which you can play android games, use apk apps, và vị everything which you can vày on your Android phones. Bluestacks 2 is one of the most stable versions based on the Android Apps performance, though Bluestacks 3 & 4 are already out in the market.

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Millions of Bluestacks 2 users love to lớn emulate Clash of Clans, Jelly Bean, King of Avalon, and Final Fantasy games on their computers. Emulators are especially for those who have got less memory on their app android phones và hence they can play big size Android games on their Windows or MAC PC. Along with playing Android games, you can also use Android native apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, Messenger, Viber, & Hike apps on PC.

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Bluestacks 2 System Requirements

Bluestacks is highly customizable, which allows you to allocate RAM & ROM of the desired form size but your PC must have sầu a minimum RAM và Storage Space on your device. It also supports the feature of using multiple Android apps simultaneously along with bare minimum Processor nguồn.

Let’s kiểm tra out the Bluestacks 2 System Requirements:

System Type(OS): Windows 10, 8, 7 (32 bit or 64 bit) & MACCPU and GPU: Any Intel or AMD Processor with Integrated Graphics CardRAM: 500MB RAM must be không tính phí khổng lồ run AppsBluestacks 2 Offline Installer Size: 250MBStorage: 4GB Storage Space on HDD or SSDDirectX 9.0 or Higher

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If your system doesn’t meet the lathử nghiệm version requirements then you must go with Bluestacks 2. We have also compared its feature with the lakiểm tra version to make it easier for you make the decision.

Features of Bluestacks 2

Bluestacks 2 due lớn its best user interface và capabilities, has won the best award for Consumer Electronic Show, where many game developers và software developers take part yearly. Since then it is widely used for playing Android games on PC.Along with Games, you can also install any Android App và Biggers Screen will boost the charm of Native Gaming Apps.You can run almost any phầm mềm, you can chat with your friends on WhatsApp, use Facebook App and Messenger App on your PC, or play any Android Games on the bigger screen.

Download Bluestacks 2 Offline Installer

Download Bluestacks 2 Offline Installer EXE file of around 250MB kích cỡ to install it on your Windows 10, 7, or 8 PC. We have sầu got the direct download liên kết of the offline installer. It will be a big EXE tệp tin of nearly 250 MB, once the offline installer of Bluestacks 2 is downloaded then you can also share it with a 32 bit or 64 bit Windows PC.

Download Bluestacks 2

Install Bluestacks 2 on Windows 10, 7, or 8:

Double cliông chồng on Bluestack 2 offline downloaded tệp tin.Tap on Run lớn accept the permissions.Cliông chồng on the Next popup window.Now it will begin the installation on your device.The first boot will begin when the installation is completed.

This is a working download liên kết, there might be an issue with your browser if the download doesn’t start. Try clicking on the tải về button again, or open it in an incognilớn tab or another browser.

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Bluestacks 2 for Mac

Bluestacks 2 is also available for Mac with the same features for Windows. You need khổng lồ download and install it on your Mac. You can also use the Android Play Store Apps & play Android games on your Mac.

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Download Bluestacks 2 for Mac, iMac, Mac Pro, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro

Download Bluestacks for Mac

Download the Bluestacks 2 DMG tệp tin and place it in any thư mục.Right-click on the downloaded DMG file.Tap on Open lớn launch the Bluestacks Installer on MAC.Cliông xã on the ICON in the middle of the new window screen to begin the installation.Now, press the Install Now button và enter your MAC password for the permissions.
Also, allow the Security-Privacy permissions, and Bluestacks 2 is all mix on your MAC.

Features of Bluestacks 4 và 3

Bluestacks 4 and 3 were developed to boost gaming efficiency on Bluestacks 2. You can use the integration of keyboard và mouse to play Android Games.Along with the play store, has also got its own phầm mềm center through which you can tải về any app android app và start using on your PC. The App Center will also recommend other games và apps used by other users.If you would play your favorite games such as Clash of Clans then you would also get some extra rewards such as gems, gold, points, advanced characters from gift centers. Bluestacks 3 has partnered with developers of such big games. Use the Select App khổng lồ connect with other gamers. Gamers will also get extra rewards such as gems, gold, coins, and much more.Also, use the Friends App to lớn connect with other emulator users, where you can connect with the whole community.It also uses patented hyper G Graphics API using which you could play Games with maximum resolution and refresh rates (144 Hz).You can use multiple Apps simultaneously, which gives the true charm of the apk phone feature. In all other emulators, this feature is still under development.Aulớn Environment Adjustment feature is also available on Bluestacks 4 & 3, where it will adjust its usage of processor và CPU as per the capabilities of your PC.

Bluestacks 2 Vs Bluestacks 3

Every company upgrades its version with better features, in the same way, the latest Bluestacks 4 and 3 has got many new & extra features in compare to Bluestacks 2:

The lademo one uses patented hyper G Graphics API, which almost doubles the Gaming experience than the second version.The 4th và 3rd version uses CPU power as per the capabilities of your PC, no matter which PC you use it will give you the best performance.In Bluestacks 3 you can run multiple app windows at one time. You can play games as well as reply lớn your friends on the chat head of Messenger.Playing Android Games will look as if you’re playing PC games.It also consists of the option of streaming Games online on Facebook and Twitch.

So these were extra features but it also has some limitations on the system requirements hence choose wisely. Bluestacks 2 is more stable & reliable as the daily driver for low-kết thúc PC users. Now it’s on you lớn decide whether khổng lồ go for the second version or the lakiểm tra one. We will provide an offline installer links for both versions. You only need to lớn tải về once và save it in your personal directory of software và you can use it on another PC or you can nội dung it with your friends through a USB drive.

Download Offline Installer of Bluestacks 3 for Windows

We have sầu got also got the direct tải về links of Bluestacks 3 offline installer for Windows PC. It will be a big form size EXE tệp tin of nearly 300 MB, once the offline installer is downloaded then you can also use it on another PC or also share it with your friends.

Download Bluestacks 3

I hope you were easily able to Download Bluestacks 2 Offline Installer on your Windows or MAC device. Do giới thiệu your experience with this emulator in the bình luận section.