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The minor injuries were six fractures, two dislocations, one concussion, 13 lacerations or open wounds, three burns, 11 sprains or strains và 29 superficial injuries.

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The report also says that if the people ran down the railway embankment they might sprain their ankles.
Six officers were injured, one suffering brief concussion and bad abrasions, the others minor bruising and sprains.
The products with a kinh doanh authorisation are indicated for external use for the relief of bruising, muscle pain, muscle stiffness và sprains.
About 50,000 people are involved each year in accidents resulting in strains, sprains & other injuries to the trunk, including slipped discs.
He was complaining at that time of foot trouble & a sprained ankle, and his medical documents show that his ankle was strapped up.
There may be a patient suffering from a sprained ankle as a result of a bicycle accident, or perhaps a woman having an uncomplicated baby.
It is not surprising that, on average, 50,000 people a year suffer from accidents involving strains and sprains to lớn the trunk, including slipped discs.
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to lớn separate liquid food from solid food, especially by pouring it through a utensil with small holes in it

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