Boom Remake

BOOM was a shareware game for MacOS created by Federiteo Filipponi (FactorSoftware) in the ’90s. The game’s khẩu hiệu was “Bomberman meets DOOM”: you could play solo or in local coop throughout 80 levels, facing a plethora of different enemies, intermediate bosses và a final Big Alien trùm cuối.

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Unfortunately, the game’s original site is not accessible anymore, so BOOM can only be downloaded from archives found on the Internet.

I played BOOM a lot, since when I was a kid, và it is the game that made me venture on the game developing path. Maybe, if it weren’t for that game, I wouldn’t be developing games at all nowadays.

For this reason, in 2015 I decided khổng lồ start working on a complete remake for the game. That project would eventually become Lifish. But alas, making a game is hard và takes a lot of time, so Lifish still isn’t complete yet.

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However, as most of the code is there, I figured in the meantime I could work on a hack that, changing a bit of gameplay logic và borrowing assets from the original game, could effectively become a faithful remake of BOOM! So there it is, a game as cchiến bại lớn the original Factor Software’s BOOM, playable on Windows, Mac & Linux completely for free!

Note: BOOM: Remake shares most of its codebase with Lifish and, lượt thích it, it is free software. The source code is available here under the branch boom.

DISCLAIMER: all graphics và audio assets in the game belong lớn Factor Software. This game is a remake distributed free of charge with the ayên to preserve sầu the original game from obsolescence. If you are the owner of BOOM assets and want this game to lớn be taken down, contact me at tienmadaichien.com1991
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The phầm mềm is unsigned, so a warning may be displayed when starting it. This will not be fixed either.


Level Editor

An experimental màn chơi editor is available, currently in packaged version for Mac only. It can be compiled for Linux as well, but unfortunately there is no Windows support, due to the Crystal programming language not supporting it.

Random Level Generator

There is also a random level generator available, working for both the original BOOM và BOOM Remake. It requires Pykhông lớn 3 to lớn run.



1.5.2 (current) Added in-game timer overlay to preferences (mainly for speedrun purposes) Added Italian version 1.5.1 Fixed the game failing to save if the saves directory is missing The game is now built with MSVC, rather than MinGW, on Windows 1.5.0 Bumped SFML version lớn 2.5 Error screen now brings back to lớn trang chủ instead of exiting the game Pressing Esc during the game now brings up the Pause menu instead of killing the players 1.4.0 Fixed teleporters warping a player standing still Fixed the player continuing to lớn move sầu after warping in a teleporter Fixed the player being teleported upon hit while standing on a teleporter Fixed a bug where the player could be hit by an enemy from behind a wall diagonally Added "Show FPS" & "Vsync" options to lớn Preferences 1.3.1 Fixed enemies sometimes dealing damage khổng lồ a player behind a teleporter Fixed bombs" damage to bosses: now bombs deal exactly 5 damage when place underneath a boss tile like in the original game Fixed bosses" fire rate not doubling during Hurry Up Added fullscreen mode in the Preferences menu Fixed the player playng the hurt animation when contacting dead enemies Fixed Mean-O-Taurs & Ghosts attacking during Extra Game 1.3.0 Fixed save/load Fixed several teleporter behaviours to lớn make them more similar to lớn the original game Fixed a bug that made the game crash when a player was hit by a Big Alien trùm cuối Egg Fixed a softlochồng that sometimes happened when distributing points on end màn chơi The "Get Ready!" screen can now be skipped by pressing the Bomb or the LMB button 1.2.3 Preferences are now preserved when exiting và re-running the game Passing an invalid levelphối via the comm& line will now show a visual error rather than panicking 1.2.2 Tweaked several parameters to lớn make the game more cđại bại to the original BOOM Fixed enemies not properly colliding with players when players are moving Fixed bosses not being in sync when shooting Fixed time bonus giving more points than intended Fixed an issue with Ghosts animation 1.2.1 Added single-player mode 1.2 First release