This page explains how khổng lồ register your copy of CCleaner Professional, CCleaner Professional Plus, or CCleaner Professional for Mac.

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It also includes solutions khổng lồ problems that you could encounter when registering.

Do I need to register my CCleaner Professional?

Yes. To use the paid features of CCleaner Professional, such as the full version of Health Chechồng, you must have it registered with a valid, active license key.

If you recently purchased CCleaner Professional & your copy of CCleaner is still showing as "free" or "unregistered" (or you are still receiving notifications that you have sầu expired), then you need to register CCleaner with the information from your Cleverbridge order confirmation tin nhắn.

You may also have received a courtesy email from us lớn remind you that the license key you have sầu purchased has not been activated yet.

What bởi vì I need to have to lớn register?

CCleaner needs to lớn be installed on your computer while you"re connected to the internet. If you are already using CCleaner 5.46 or higher for Windows (or CCleaner 1.16 or higher for Mac), you vị not need lớn tải về it again. After you have sầu registered CCleaner và restarted, it should automatically update khổng lồ the lachạy thử version.

Helpful links:

If you bởi vì not have sầu CCleaner on your computer yet:

Download CCleaner Professional for Windows

Download CCleaner Professional for Mac.

If you are having difficulty downloading CCleaner for Windows:

How do I download CCleaner?

If you are having difficulty downloading CCleaner for Mac:

How vị I tải về CCleaner for Mac?

You also need your registration information: your name and your license key. You should have sầu received this in your order confirmation email from Cleverbridge after you purchased, or in a registration reminder gmail from us. If you vì not have either of these & cannot locate your registration information, you can get it instantly using our license lookup system.

Where vì I enter my license key? (CCleaner for Windows):

If you installed CCleaner Professional from one of the liên kết above, or the download link in your order confirmation email, it should pop up with a registration box inviting you to lớn enter your details. If the registration box does not appear and you cannot find where to enter your license information, go lớn Options>About in CCleaner & click Register or License Informationkhổng lồ enter your information.

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For example, if you enter a new license key inkhổng lồ a copy of CCleaner Professional that"s already been registered, you see your old license information in the License Information screen, which you can update by clicking on the Register New Key liên kết.


If you tăng cấp CCleaner Free lớn CCleaner Professional, you need to lớn go khổng lồ Options > About > Upgrade to lớn Pro,and it should look something lượt thích this:


If you"re currently using a more recent version of CCleaner, you may be asked lớn enter your name và license key separately. When copying and pasting your license key, be careful not to include any spaces before or after the key.

It should look something lượt thích this:


... & not like this:


Where vì I enter my license key? (CCleaner Professional for Mac):

You can register your license into lớn CCleaner Professional for Mac using the following steps:

xuất hiện CCleaner > cliông xã Options > AboutClick Register or Upgrade lớn Pro

Otherwise, if a license is already registered in the CCleaner tiện ích, but you need khổng lồ activate a new replacement license key, you can bởi this using this method:

Open CCleaner > clichồng Options > AboutDouble-cliông xã on the line of text which says Registered to:

When the registration dialog opens, enter your CCleaner Professional or CCleaner Professional Plus registration information from your purchase confirmation tin nhắn.

If you get an error saying that your license key is not valid:

In general, registration problems happen because of a small typing error when you put your details inlớn the registration dialog. It is usually easier lớn use copy và paste (Ctrl-C & Ctrl-V on Windows, Cmd-C, and Cmd-V on a Mac) lớn enter the details from your purchase confirmation email to lớn help avoid errors when typing.

If you bởi type your information by h&, it is worth noting:

Our keys don"t contain the number 1 (one).If you"ve typed a number one, try changing this lớn the capital letter i.The name field should contain your registration name exactly as it appears in your order confirmation. Your email address won"t work here.

You may also have sầu problems registering if:

Your CCleaner license has expired.

As mentioned above, if you have lost your CCleaner registration information or need to lớn kiểm tra the status of your licenses, expiry dates, or get new tải về links to install on other computers, you can bởi this using our license lookup system.

Go lớn the license lookup system

"Failed khổng lồ save registration key file" Error:

If youget this message, this usually means that you are not running CCleaner with the correct permissions.

To resolve sầu this issue in Windows, please run CCleaner as the Administrator. To vày this:

Right-clichồng on the CCleaner iconSelect Run as AdministratorNow re-enter your registration details in the pop-up

To resolve this issue in macOS, please run CCleaner as sudo.

To vì chưng this:

xuất hiện Applications > Utilities > TerminalType:subởi vì "/Applications/"Press Enter/Return > type your Mac OS X password (you will not see any text being đầu vào when entering this)Press Enter/Return again, & CCleaner will open as Suvị.