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Long story short I let my buddy drive my G8 home page as I was three sheets to the wind & he pulled khổng lồ far forward & scraped the curb...hard. No structural damage but cracked the front cover. Any suggestions on a fix? Trying khổng lồ avoid buying a front cover but will if I need to.




Between plastic "welding" as shown in this đoạn Clip...à 3m/bondo flexible bumper filler...

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My car had the exact same issue when i bought it và the annoying part about this problem is that it only gets worse & snags on everything now. I have sầu nightmares about the 4" curbs at 7-11 parking lots ripping off my entire bumper. Best of luchồng. I might try the homemade route before biting the $1200 bullet at the repair siêu thị.
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I had a pretty bad crack in the dash on my truchồng, the "95-"98 GM pickups were prone to lớn cracking in the same areas. I rethành viên I used a old plastic gift card as a "backing plate" and epoxied it to the underside of the crachồng. It pulled the crack back together và held it pretty good until I got into an accident with the truchồng. You might try something similar on the hidden side of that lip.
Mines was lượt thích that when I brought it! I put screws in the bottom & it lined up perfect! If you look cthảm bại you can see the crack but I haven"t gotten around lớn painting it!
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