Your face deserves lớn be treated with quality. Discover the tradition of the classic straight razor shave!


Since ancient times, the straight razor accompanies men through the different eras và beard styles. It went through a steady development in material and unique. For over 100 years, razors have sầu been a declaration of love sầu for the shaving culture.

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The straight razor shave is the highlight of men"s cosmetics. No razor is as versatile as the straight razor. A straight razor will master nearly everything, whether the regular wet shaving, the fine shaving of contours, the styling of your beard or the occasional shaving of three-day to five-day beards.

Round Point, Spanish point, full hollow ground, half hollow ground, 5/8 or 6/8 inch... The choice is endless, and differences are not always easy khổng lồ understvà for beginners. To get started, we recommkết thúc a full hollow 5/8 inch razor with a round point.

The thành phố of Solingene is known for its cutlery worldwide. At, we are proud to lớn produce and develop in Solinren. Here we carry the tradition và unique into the future. All razors are manufactured with a nói qua of at least 1/2 by hand. Every straight razor is made with outstanding craftsmanship và passion.

Should you go for a carbon steel or stainless steel straight razor? Both blade materials are perfect for wet shaving. Both materials are modern steel alloys with a wide range of applications. The advantage of the stainless steel blade is the low maintenance, while the carbon steel blade is a touch harder.

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The handle adds a distinctive look to each straight razor. Whether blaông xã silky gloss ebony, finely grained olive sầu wood or the distinct colour pattern of the African cow horn — all our materials are sourced from sustainable sources và shaped by h& in many sanding & polishing steps. All straight razor handles are not only a visual highlight but also robust and durable.

The wet shaving with the straight razor is easier than you think. Essential is the preparation because a dry beard hair has about the same strength as copper wire. First, apply creamy lather khổng lồ your face, then mix the stropped razor blade with an angle of 30° to lớn your skin. Now you begin with short & slow strokes along with the grain. If necessary, you can vị a second pass against the grain.

To ensure a long service life, your straight razor needs little care. In principle, the care of the razor is simple. Use a soft cloth to dab off the water & let the razor dry for a few hours in the air to get completely rid of any moisture. When stored for extended periods, razors made of carbon steel should be treated lightly with oil.

To use your straight razor properly, you need a leather strop. When stropping, you re-align the cutting edge và keep your razor sharp for a long time. Furthermore, you should go for a shaving brush. Only with a proper brush, you achieve an extra creamy lather, that will make your shave sầu a relaxing experience.

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