Autoclicker Pro Download

AutoCliông chồng also has a mode that allows you lớn record multiple locations to cliông xã and automatically perkhung them. Right now we will go to learn about how to use Autocliông chồng - Auto clichồng software to play this game.

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If you are feeling uncomfortable having khổng lồ repeat the mouse cliông chồng repeatedly during the game, let the Auto lớn Clichồng tool help you replace this boring job automatically. This is an extremely useful tool used by many gamers today, it allows you khổng lồ set the interval between each clichồng, select a single cliông xã or double click mode, & can activate the keys Other functions. AutoClichồng also has a mode that allows you to record multiple locations to clichồng & automatically perform them. Right now we will go lớn learn about how lớn use Autoclick - Aukhổng lồ clicker software lớn play this game.

How khổng lồ use AutoCliông xã khổng lồ automatically clichồng when playing games

Note: Auto cliông xã has many different versions lượt thích Aukhổng lồ click 2.2, 2.5, 3.1.2, in this tutorial we will go together to lớn learn how lớn use GS Aulớn Clicker to lớn play tự động hóa games.

First, you need lớn download & install the software automatically cliông chồng on the computer is Auto lớn Cliông chồng under the liên kết below.

Download: Auto lớn Cliông chồng here

After the installation is successful, launch the Auto lớn Cliông chồng software. Right at the GS Aulớn Clicker interface, you will see a very simple symbol "Press F8 lớn click", press the F8 key to start the automatic mouse cliông chồng (by mặc định, automatically left click), continue lớn press F8 to lớn finish.


In the main interface GS Auto lớn Clicker will have sầu 3 options, but important and mainly used are Options . Here, there are many features that you need to know:

Clicking : Option to lớn clichồng.Recording : Optional location, number of mouse clicks.Settings : Other settings.


1. Clicking

The Options> Clicking section has 2 small options, Options and Repeat . With Options, you have the option of clicking the mouse (selecting the mouse). Specifically, the Mouse section allows you lớn change the mouse cliông xã Left (Left), Right (right) & Middle (middle). Click to lớn select either Single (Single) or Double (double click).

In addition, the Freeze option of the pointer allows you lớn freeze the mouse when performing automatic cliông chồng, but only applies khổng lồ single cliông chồng.


With Repeat, you can set how you clichồng, click several times, each time, through your options. Cheông chồng the Repeat option và set the Cliông xã or Repeat until stopped number khổng lồ set up the cliông xã until you request a stop. Besides, the Interval section below also helps you bởi more, this is the setting action lớn adjust the clichồng speed (the distance between each click) how long lớn cliông xã once.


2. Recording

The next part is Recording, in this section there is only one option, Multiple Clicks, but it is also a very important feature, allowing you to lớn record mouse cliông xã operation and repeat the same way.

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Open the Record multiple clicks dialog box, kiểm tra the Record and trả lời multiple clicks box, then cliông xã on Pichồng point and cliông xã any point on the screen lớn let the software record the location automatically, repeat the same operation. for other coordinates to lớn record. Cliông xã records will display all the points you have sầu selected. Once mix, press Ok to save the changes.


3. Settings

Finally, Settings with 3 main parts is the HotKey (change shortcut), View (display mode) và Other (other options).

With Hotkey, if you feel that the shortcut starts / stops F8 coincides with another shortcut, you can change the Hotkey shortcut as you like by clicking the Clichồng / Stop box & pressing the hotkey khổng lồ mix up later. Cliông chồng OK khổng lồ finish.


Selecting View allows you to set up two functions as Hide when it is clicking - Hiding the window when performing automatic clicking. Or Show when it finish click - Display the window when you stop clicking or completing the click.


Other feature is where you can phối up your computer with the corresponding commands such as:

Idle - Standby mode.Quit - Automatically exit the program.Lochồng computer - Loông xã the computer again.Log off computer - Sign out.Turn off computer - Turn off the computer.Standby - Leave the computer on sleep mode.Hibrenate - Active sleep mode (if supported).


Set up lớn use Auto Clicker, go bachồng to the main thực đơn of the tool and press the hotkey that has been mix up to lớn start the auto-clichồng experience. With the speed of Auto lớn Clichồng as well as the convenience of this tool, you will definitely save sầu a lot of time và avoid mouse wear when there is an tự động hóa cliông xã tool to lớn help you bởi vì that. Hopefully, the manual for GS Auto lớn Clicker or the basic way of using Aukhổng lồ Clichồng gives you the most useful information lớn use the software in the most optimal way.