As we know, the world is moving towards thiết bị di động technology. Everyone wants everything on their Smartphone phones. In the tech world, there are n numbers of platforms to lớn develop a sản phẩm điện thoại application. Some very popular ones are Android Studio, Swift, Cordova etc.

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As a Microsoft .NET framework developer, I love khổng lồ explore the Microsoft technologies and tools. This inspires me lớn describe khổng lồ you one of the most famous cross-platkhung mobile development technologies from Microsoft -- Xamarin.

Xamarin is a cross-platsize UI toolkit that allows developers lớn efficiently create native sầu user interface layouts that can be shared across iOS, Android, Windows phone, và Universal Windows Platkhung apps. I am going to introduce the Xamarin installation, development, and building multi-platsize và multi-screen applications in my current và coming post.

To Install Xamarin in Visual Studio IDE, these are the things required.

Windows 7 or higher. ( Windows 10 is more preferable)Visual Studio 2015 (Community, Professional, or Enterprise).Xamarin for Visual Studio.

In Existing VS 2015

If you have sầu already installed the Visual Studio 2015 và want khổng lồ Install Xamarin then please follow these steps. Please cthua kém all the running instances of Visual Studio năm ngoái.

In my case, I am using the Windows 10 Operating System & Visual Studio 2015 Enterprise edition. So some screens may vary. I will suggest you use Windows 10 because Xamarin allows you to lớn create the Universal App in Windows 10 only.

I will explain to you what the Universal App is in my next article/blog, first, let"s see how khổng lồ Add/Install the Xamarin in Installed Visual Studio năm ngoái.

mở cửa Control Panel- Clichồng on “Program & Features”

(If Using Windows 7 images may vary because I am using Windows 10)


Once you clichồng on Program và features you can see the below screen. In the Program and Features, first select the VS năm ngoái và then clichồng on “Change”.

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Once you click on “Change”, the below screen will open which will have sầu the three options called Modify, Repair, and Uninstall

Cliông chồng on “Modify”, Once you clichồng on Modify can see this screen.

Select the all three Yellow Marked Item và then press update. Once you press update it will start Installing the Xamarin.

Wait for awhile to lớn finish the update. Once Xamarin is installed you can see the Xamarin Templates inside the Project Menu.


Installation of Xamarin With VS 2015

To Install Xamarin with Visual Studio, please follow the below steps.

Launch the Visual Studio năm ngoái Installer & after some initialization, you should see the below screen. Please select“Customs” the type of installation. After that, click onNextbutton.

You should see a page with a danh mục of features lớn select. Please expandCross Platkhung di động DevelopmentandSELECT C#/.NET (Xamarin v4.2.1). After you select it, a few other features will be tự động selected too. After that, click onNextbutton.
The next screen will be a screen to confirm your selected features. Just cliông chồng onInstallbutton.
Please wait for the installation lớn finish. Make sure you are connected to the mạng internet because the installer will tải về the components for installation.After it"s installed, open Visual Studio & go toTools>Options.Then selectXamarin>Otherin the left pane. Clichồng onChechồng Nowbutton to lớn kiểm tra for updates.

If you have sầu any doubts please let me know. Thanks.