Expedited shipping là gì

For many shipping service providers, expedited shipping means offering faster than normal shipping. Learn more about this service in our lachạy thử blog post.

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By Jules


May 27, 2020

If there’s one thing that you & your customers expect from shipping, it’s speedy delivery. Research has shown that 41% of customers are willing to lớn pay for same-day delivery, while 24% say they will pay a premium lớn have their orders delivered within two or three hours; however, only 50% of retailers offer same-day delivery. Everyone wants their shipment to reach them as soon as possible. Expedited shipping can help with this, and indeed, it plays a key role in the whole supply chain.

There’s plenty of opportunities to lớn gain more customers by offering more shipping options & fast delivery. One way to lớn do this is lớn use expedited shipping options. To help you underst& this, we’re going lớn start by answering the question, “What is expedited shipping?” We’ll then discuss how fast the service is, how much it costs, và why you should use it.


What is Expedited Shipping?

Expedited shipping involves giving a particular shipment priority over others, allowing it to lớn be delivered faster. For many shipping service providers, this just means offering faster than normal shipping. In practice, this means using courier services such as same-day delivery, next-day delivery, và express delivery. This type of fast shipping usually varies from same-day delivery to lớn three-day deliveries.

In express shipping, every possible means is used khổng lồ make sure the package reaches its destination as fast as possible. Often, trucking companies are used for this service and they use two drivers who take turns driving so they don’t have sầu khổng lồ stop during the journey. However, the real delivery time depends on the company policy. For example, USPS Priority Mail Express offers USPS expedited shipping within two days by 3pm, making it the faskiểm tra service offered by the company.

tienmadaichien.com is the perfect partner for fast và cheap shipping. We have sầu over 250 shipping solutions & some of these are even express shipping services. You can use our shipping rates calculator to figure out how much your shipment will cost và an estimated delivery time khổng lồ see if you can offer fast shipping to lớn your customers.

How Fast is Expedited Shipping?

Delivery times for fast shipping depends on the courier company’s policy. On average, it takes 2-3 days. But, in practice, it depends on how long your package would take if it were sent through a standard shipping service. For example, if a package would normally take 5-8 days to lớn reach its destination, then the enhanced shipping service would usually take 2-3 days less.

For domestic delivery within the US, the express shipping time can be as fast as same-day or next-day delivery through USPS expedited shipping services such as USPS Priority Express & Priority Domestic. Through these services, you can even get your shipment delivered the next morning.

Express shipping for international destinations like Canadomain authority, UK, và the Middle East would, of course, take longer. But, express international courier services like DHL Express can deliver to lớn most international destinations within 1-2 business days. UPS expedited shipping ships khổng lồ more than 2đôi mươi international destinations with custom clearance và day-definite door-to-door delivery. FedEx also offers an expedited service in the khung of an overnight pickup that delivers the next day.

Tracking và insurance are usually offered with express shipping services. USPS Priority Mail Express - the fastest USPS expedited shipping service - offers $100 insurance coverage và tracking for shipments all year round. Don’t forget that if the insurance and tracking options provided by your chosen shipping service, tienmadaichien.com can give sầu you additional options. We offer insurance up to lớn $5,000 và branded tracking emails that provide extra peace of mind và branding for you and your customers.

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How Much Does Expedited Shipping Cost?

Any urgent or priority service is understandably more expensive sầu than a standard one, so you can expect that expedited services will cost more than normal courier options. As with any shipping, the exact cost of express shipping depends on the weight, dimensions, destination, & the courier service you’re using. Let’s compare the costs with different couriers.

Courier ServicePrice
UPS Next Day Air$123.79
UPS Next Day Saver$91.41
UPS Second-Day Air A.M$54.43
USPS Priority Mail Express$71.35
USPS Priority Mail 2-Day$26.70
FedEx First Overnight$140.90
FedEx Priority Overnight$109.59
FedEx Second Day AM$66

6 Reasons to Use Expedited Shipping Service

The main reason for using expedited shipping services is to lớn ensure your package is delivered very quickly. This means all other considerations are less important. However, since the service offers plenty of benefits, it might not be the only reason you choose to lớn use it. Here are a few other reasons why this service will be good for both you and your supply chain.

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1. To Save sầu time

The main purpose of express shipping is to lớn save transit time. In most cases, paying the extra costs isn’t an issue. So if money is a lesser concern than delivery time, then this is a good service to lớn use.

2. To Ship perishable items

Many perishable items - lượt thích food - require fast shipping. If you sell baked items or frozen food, then this shipping service will ensure that your products reach your customers in good shape.

3. To Win (or retain) customers

If most of your customers need fast delivery, then you should make this a standard delivery option for your online store. If you don’t, you may kết thúc up losing valuable customers who dem& fast deliveries.

4. To Increase profits

You could increase your profits by offering express shipping lớn customers who want it. Perhaps more importantly, it may help encourage more customers lớn purchase products since they know they can get it quickly.

5. To Reduce damage

Expedited shipping services are fast because they are taken directly from the shipper khổng lồ the receiver. Because there’s very little package handling, there’s less chance of damage.

6. Save on storage

When you offer fast shipping, items spend less time in your inventory. This saves the cost of inventory storage.

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Deliver Your Customers’ Orders Faster with Expedited Shipping

Today, most online shoppers prefer khổng lồ have sầu their orders delivered as soon as possible. Many are also willing to lớn pay extra for fast deliveries. Sometimes, though, expedited shipping is the only reasonable solution, especially if you’re selling perishable goods, for example.

Different courier companies offer different services for expedited deliveries. The service is more expensive sầu than standard delivery services, but can usually deliver a package within 1-3 days.

tienmadaichien.com offers fast và affordable shipping solutions, including expedited shipping options. Sign up for không tính phí khổng lồ see how we can help you find fast, affordable shipping solutions và streamline your shipping process with a range of useful automations such as label generation, pre-filled customs forms, and customized tracking.