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Curbside pickup still available. Go khổng lồ the Now Serving Tab for availability & details.

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House Wine"s Virtual Wine Tastings are a great way to lớn get people together from the safety of home page.

Our tastings và wine classes are catered to lớn your needs & include a private Live sầu Zoom Gọi, a selection of wines for a theme of your choice, basic tasting introduction, tasting notes, food parings, recipes, & a tasting place setting.

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Wine novices và enthusiasts in the Columbus area have sầu a place lớn Hotline "home" in Old Worthington. Welcome lớn House Wine, where we make wine buying fun, simple, và interactive sầu. We focus on education & exploration in a warm and relaxed atmosphere. Our customers will be able to find their own "house wine" in no time.


We offer 24 different wines from our Enomatic wine dispensers, have sầu 12 craft beers on tap và have sầu one of the best selections of wine và beer in Columbus.



644 High StreetWorthington, Ohio 43085

House Wine Worthington is located in downtown Old Worthington next khổng lồ Graeter"s Ice Cream.

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