Internet download manager or IDM is known as the leading and popular download manager for windows. This software will allow you khổng lồ download the videos on your PC or máy tính & watch them later. This software has an impressive feature of increasing your tải về tốc độ by 6x faster than your average tải về speed. These features allow you to lớn postpone your downloads & resume your tải về whenever you have sầu paused.

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This software is straightforward to lớn use. This software even makes it easy to lớn use for everyone, even for those who are not very much techy. This software also delivers an impressive sầu feature known as a smart xúc tích accelerator, which helps khổng lồ break down the files inkhổng lồ smaller parts và tải về them in multiple files.

If you tải về IDM, you will be getting a 30-day trial version of it, and after that, you will be needed to provide an IDM serial key for accessing the premium version of it. But if you cannot purchase the premium version, then follow this article. You will be getting a miễn phí working IDM key & learn about IDM and how lớn activate it.



IDM Serial Keys

Before you head towards the usage of internet tải về manager serial number, have a look at the features of IDM. Let’s check out the features

It supports all popular browsers

Including chrome, IE, MON, AOL, Mozilla, Firefox, Avant, & Netscape browsers, and many others. IDM supports all types of versions of every popular browser. It can even be integrated inlớn any Internet application for taking over downloads by using a unique feature known as “Advanced Browser Integration.”

One-cliông chồng downloading feature

Whenever you tải về any links, the IDM will automatically take over the download and helps to lớn boost the tốc độ. You will not have sầu khổng lồ bởi anything special for it, just browse generally as you bởi vì. IDM will automatically catch your downloads & help you khổng lồ accelerate them. IDM supports FTTPhường, HTTPhường, MMS ANAND HTTPS protocols.

Aulớn antivirut checking

An antivirus checking can keep your computer secure và safe download from the viruses. IDM runs tự động scanner for any download completion like Avast, AdAware, Spybot, McAfee, AVG antivirut, Norton 360, Norton Internet security, Ccleaner, Spybladter and many others protects the users to lớn tải về harmful files. 

Drag & drop

This is one of the most impressive sầu features of IDM. You can simply drag & drop the tải về liên kết lớn IDM và drag & drop the downloads out of it very quickly.

Includes website spider & grabber

IDM downloads every type of required file specified with the website’s filters, for example, subsets of every trang web or all pictures from the website or complete trang web for offline browsing. It makes it possible khổng lồ run multiple grabber projects at once at a specific period and stops it khổng lồ a particular period or runs periodically for synchronizing changes. 

Support several types of proxy servers

IDM supports various types of proxy servers. For example, it works with FTPhường proxy & Microsoft ISA servers. 

Downloads all features

The Internet download manager can add all the link khổng lồ tải về on a single page & helps to download multiple files along with these features.

IDM is multilingual

IDM can be translated lớn Arabic, Albanian, Azerbaijan, Bulgarian, Bosnian, Croatian, Chinese, Dutch, Danish, French, Faryêu thích Greek, German, Hungarian, Hebrew, Italian, Hungarian, Korean, Japanese, Lithuanian, Norwegian, Macedonian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Serbian, Russian, Slovak, Spanish, Slovenian, Turkish, Uzbek và Tnhì languages.

Download categories

IDM can be used for organizing downloads automatically by using defined tải về categories. IDM can speed up your downloads inkhổng lồ six times faster than average through its intelligent dynamic tệp tin segmentation giải pháp công nghệ. Unlượt thích the other download managers and accelerators, Internet Download manager segments the downloaded files during the process of downloads & reuses the available connections & without any additional connects and login stages for achieving the best performance in accelerating.

Download Resume

IDM has the feature of continuing the download at the same particular point for where you leftover. The resume capability and comprehensive error recovery will resume the interrupted và broken downloads due lớn any network problems, power cut, computer shutdowns. 

Simple wizard installation

The natural và quiông chồng tải về will make necessary settings for you and kiểm tra out the connection stability at the end for assuring the trouble-free installation of IDM.

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Built-in scheduler

IDM can easily be connected khổng lồ the internet at a set period, tải về all the specified files, và disconnect or shut down your computer as your work is done. You can even synchronize the changes by using the periodic synchronization of data. It is possible lớn create và khổng lồ schedule various downloaded queues for synchronization và downloading.

Browser integration

When it is enabled, this feature can be used lớn catch any downloads from any type of application. No such tải về managers have such a function.

Download limits

The progressive sầu downloads of the mạng internet tải về manager come along with quotas features, which can limit your downloading to lớn the specified number of megabytes as per the hour. These features are handy for those connections which use the FAPhường. or Fair Access Protocols such as Direct PC, Hughes, & Direcway.

Customizable interface

You can choose the buttons, columns, and the orders for appearing on the main IDM window. There are various skins of toolbars và different button styles. All types of surfaces can be easily downloaded from the home page site of the internet download manager. It even also allow users to design their own skins as per their choice. 

Quiông xã update

The features of a quiông xã update might check out the newest versions of IDM, & it is recommended to lớn update the IDM once as per the week. The feature enlists all the lachạy thử features which have sầu been added lớn the newest versions. It even asks the users whether they want to lớn update khổng lồ the lademo version of the IDM or not. This feature is one of the best features of IDM. 

IDM Serial Key

IDM serial key is a đôi mươi digit code that activated the premium version of the IDM. You will be needed to lớn purchase the IDM keys, which even starts from $10. But if, in any case, you are unable khổng lồ buy the genuine keys for any reason. For such cases, it is best lớn give sầu a tìm kiếm on the browser for không tính phí valid IDM serial key. Here is some lachạy thử IDM serial key which can provide a try.


These are some genuine Internet tải về manager key which will activate the IDM instantly, và you can now use the full premium version of IDM & enjoy its unique features.

How to lớn activate the Internet tải về manager

If you have purchased the premium version of the IDM, you will need lớn use the key you have received from the merchant khổng lồ activate the premium version of the software. If you have downloaded the không tính phí version of IDM, you will need khổng lồ use the không tính phí IDM serial key in this post lớn activate the software. Here are some straightforward methods of activating the internet download manager by using the serial keys. 

Method 1:- By using genuine working IDM keys. 

If you have sầu already downloaded the IDM in your computer, then you can use these serial keys for activating the premium version of IDM:-