On the house definition and meaning

We can find on the house as early as the 1880s in the US, used in reference lớn không lấy phí first drinks for customers at saloons. Throughout the 20th century, the phrase extended lớn other businesses providing complimentary food and drink khổng lồ their customers, from cafes offering a coffee on the house khổng lồ an ice-cream siêu thị providing an extra scoop on the house.

While the phrased has expanded, it has generally referred to lớn bars, restaurants, and other food-service establishments, which can vend individual items of smaller value. Retailers have sầu also come lớn use the phrase during promotional offers (e.g., “buy one suit và get a dress shirt on the house” or “spover $500 in carpeting và get an extra $50 on the house”).

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Examples of on the house

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The President says "Everything is on the house, I guess", và the bartender says "No, that"s how I lost the job as fixer for Trump Org."

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blustabensuppe, April, 2018
Happy Monday ❤️ Things are moving & shaking today! / Join us! Where the drinks are svào, the food is good, và the sass is on the house