The online Master of Arts degree in (MAED) is designed for educators who are interested in enhancing their professional practice through online study of advanced professional knowledge related lớn teaching, learning, và leadership in P-12 schools và postsecondary contexts (e.g. community colleges, universities, community centers & the workplace).

The MAED is available only online và only under Plan B (without thesis). The online format provides optimum flexibility for students who wish lớn engage in inquiry & learning that will contribute to exemplary tienmadaichien.comal practice.

Concentrate your studies

Students may choose from several concentrations, including special, giải pháp công nghệ & learning, P-12 school & postsecondary leadership, literacy, sport coaching and leadership, & science & mathematics

Program Benefits

Convenience lớn study where you live or work without having to come lớn campusBreadth of course selection focus in-depth on one or two areas of concentration, or pick one area for close examination và explore broadly across other areasApply what you learn online in your classroom and personal lifeEarn your MA degree by successfully completing & exhibiting an online portfolioFull-time Academic Advisement readily availableEntirely online

Learning Outcomes

The MAED will enrich and extend students’ capabilities to:

Construct more effective documents and presentationsAchieve sầu improved outcomes in their workConduct inquiry, evaluation or researchEvaluate the legitimacy và chất lượng of retìm kiếm và policy in their fieldDesign, manage, và support group projects and processesApply new technologiesAccess digital environments for ideas, information, & resourcesUse digital tools for communication, collaboration, & presentationLearn through digital information delivery & interactions (i.e. wikis, podcasts, webinars, & other formats)Exercise leadershipAdvance to lớn new levels of professional practice and responsibilityProfessionally developIntroduce new ideas, programs, or practices inlớn their workplace

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Michigan State University is tied for fifth in the nation for the best online master’s programs in, according to U.S. News & World Report.The Master of Arts in is one of the online programs in the college being recognized for their commitment khổng lồ chất lượng, accessible và innovative sầu online Learn more about the 2019 rankings and learning opportunities for students.


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Anytime, Anywhere

Our fully online program gives you flexibility to lớn complete your studies when & where you want.

Share Your Work

Create an online academic portfolio of what you learn in MAED khổng lồ bolster your professional skills.

Since fall 2001, more than 900 educators from the United States và overseas have graduated from the program. Fully accessible and online courses are taught by faculty & advanced doctoral students, & many of the courses are quality aao ước online offerings in the field of