Mồ hôi tiếng anh

Like his female counterparts, he laboured, rehearsed, performed, perspired and contributed to lớn the success of "golden-era" ballet.

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Some patients, while not admitting khổng lồ such symptoms themselves, confessed to lớn being easily tired, perspiring readily, or having more frequent respiratory infections than others when questioned directly.
He is always perspiring from the time he puts the stuff on board until he gets it to its destination.
They were described as inspirational: they inspired him; they perspired him; & they appear to lớn have expired hyên.
These people have lớn take intoxicating liquor or water, because they perspire so much, in order to assist them khổng lồ vì chưng their day"s work.
Was a man who is normally cool when talking, hot và perspiring when he gave his evidence lớn the court?
He implied, with that air of perspiring virtue in which he finished the speech, that he, the virtuous, had chosen to import timber—though heaven knows where that is—rather than petrol.
After working all the day in great heat, they come out perspiring, & then have sầu lớn stand for 10, trăng tròn or 30 minutes waiting for buses.
People perspire; và so foams used for the construction of matrasses or furniture will, over time, tend lớn feel softer và give sầu less tư vấn.
He became ill whenever he perspired, và suffered from phobias about water, wind, cold, light, & noise.

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Perspiring due lớn nerves và a lingering cold, the tenor clutched a handkerchief throughout the dbut.
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