Kiểm Tra Lỗi Modelstate

I"m designing a view that allows user to lớn modify their profile và password in 2 different forms.

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This is my main action:

public ActionResult ModifyAccount() User user = this._userManager.FindById(User.Identity.GetUserId()); ViewBag.User = user; return View(new AccountViewModel User = user );In my ModifyAccount view, i have 2 form:

using (Html.BeginForm("ModifyProfile", "Account", FormMethod.Post)) // Change profileAnd this is my Model

public class AccountViewModel public User User get; set; // For change profile // For change password public string OldPassword get; set; public string NewPassword get; set; public string NewPasswordConfirm get; set; I know that when we use ModelState.IsValid, the whole Model will be validated. What I want is if the user submits the ModifyPassword khung, only 3 properties OldPassword, NewPassword, NewPasswordConfirm will be validated. Please help, thank you!



Create a dedicated view Mã Sản Phẩm for update password:

public class ModifyPasswordViewModel public string OldPassword get; set; public string NewPassword get; set; public string NewPasswordConfirm get; set; Create a partial view _ModifyPasswordViewModel.cshtml. Since you display multiple views on the same page, I would use Ajax.BeginForm instead of Html.BeginForm just for modifying password via ajax & not via full khung post.


using (Ajax.BeginForm("ModifyPassword", "Account", new AjaxOptions OnSuccess = "changePasswordSuccess")){
Controller action:

public ActionResult ModifyPassword(ModifyPasswordViewModel model) if ( this.ModelState.IsValid ) ... Phường.S.

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in order for client side validation to work you need to lớn include jquery.validate.js and jquery.validate.unobtrusive.js in the view (layout page) và to enable it in web config:


Use IValidatableObject for custom multiple value validation

public class AccountViewModel : IValidatableObject public string OldPassword get; set; public string NewPassword get; set; public string NewPasswordConfirm get; set; public IEnumerable Validate(ValidationContext validationContext) if (// Do something here) yield return new ValidationResult("Error Message"); public ActionResult ModifyAccount() if (!ModelState.IsValid)


Create a ViewModel with the 3 properties OldPassword, NewPassword, NewPasswordConfirm & receive that as the parameter in the Post version of ModifyPassword:

Class ModifyPasswordView public string OldPassword get;set; public string NewPassword get;set; public bool NewPasswordConfirm get;set;public ActionResult ModifyPassword( ModifyPasswordView passwordView) if ( ModelState.IsValid ) ... The modelstate kiểm tra above sầu only looks at the 3 fields in the ModifyPasswordView Model, regardless of the fields present in the form


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