Money for old rope

Kingdom Come: Deliverance like any good RPG is full of sidequests lớn take on, which is a great way to lớn earn loot or experience. While some sidequests are relatively straightforward, others can be a bit of a pain to figure out how khổng lồ best tackle the intricate objectives. One such quest is "Money for Old Rope", given by the executioner near Rattay. We"re here to help.

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Getting Started with the questMoney for Old Rope

We got this quest after completing the quest "Tough Love" in the same area. Make sure you talk lớn the innkeeper in Rattay lớn get tips on what quests are available in the area and to put quest markers on your bản đồ.

Before starting the quest, a few things khổng lồ note. You will need to pickpocket or you will need to lockpick an easy chest. If your pickpocket & lockpicking stats are not very high, be sure khổng lồ save before the appropriate portions of the quest. You can buy lockpicks from Miller Peshek near Rattay.

Secondly, you will need a vial of Poison. If you have one, great! If you don"t have sầu one, but you have the recipe, you can visit the alchemy bench in Rattay to make one easily. You can buy the components you need from the apothecary nearby. If you vị not have sầu the recipe, you can visit an herbamenu west of Uzhitz in the NorthEast part of the bản đồ.


As a quick aside, Alchemy canbe pretty daunting the first time you try it, if you"ve sầu never created anything before. Luckily the Poison recipe is an easy one to lớn practice with. In brief: 1.) Put Oil in the cauldron và press LT/L2 a few times in succession to lớn boil it. 2.) Grab thistle & place it in the cauldron (no grinding required), flip the sandglass just to make sure it stays boiling long enough. 3.) Once that"s done, wait for the flame to lớn disappear completely, then grab Herb Paris & place in the cauldron, twice. Then you can put the poison in a vial.

Once you"ve sầu got lockpicks and poison, follow the quest inhỏ on the bản đồ & talk to lớn Executor Hermann west of Rattay khổng lồ start the quest.

Money for Old Rope - Getting information on the criminals và reading the Blaông xã Chronicle

The first part of the quest is the easy part, although it still might be best lớn save before getting too far. You have two objectives: one khổng lồ learn about the three criminals from Rattay"s Bailiff và then to lớn learn about the execution method for each from the Black Chronicle.

Talking khổng lồ the Bailiff is easy. Follow the marker to lớn find him (he may be in his office in the Rathaus or wandering around outside nearby) and exhaust the dialogue options for each of the three criminals: Peter of Dauba, "Frost" Heralternative text, & Georg Weiss.

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Once that"s done, you need lớn access the Blaông xã Chronicleto lớn learn information on the execution method. Even if you are following this guide, you need khổng lồ check out that book before you can proceed with the quest. The problem is, the book is locked away in an upper floor of the Rathaus behind a Very Hard locked door.


If you are far enough in the storyline, you may have access to this room already. If not, you"ll need to lớn pickpocket the key lớn the door from the scribe. He"s found on an upper level of the Rathaus (up the stairs near the Tailor & Armourer, keep going up and you"ll find him eventually) and is sleeping most of the day, so a pickpocket isn"t too much trouble - still best to save beforehand, of course.

Once you have sầu the key, follow the quest marker to lớn open the locked door and read the Blaông xã Chronicle. Just enough lớn activate the quest objective, We"ll give sầu you the right answers you need of course.

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Once that"s done, go baông xã lớn Executioner Hermann và give sầu hyên ổn these answers. cảnh báo that the order of the criminals might not be the same as when you talked khổng lồ the Bailiff, so pay attention that you piông xã the right ones!

Peter of Daucha - His head is going to lớn be chopped off.Georg Weis - He is going lớn be hanged."Frost" Heralta- He"s going to lớn be tortured first.

Money for Old Rope - Sabotaging the Execution

Now for the hard part of the quest. After talking to Hermann about the criminals, continue talking with hlặng to come up with ways to sabotage each"s execution. He will give sầu you a rotting rope, for one. For another, you need to have sầu Poison (you should have sầu already if you read this guide), và finally, you need to dull the Executioner"s Sword.

What you need khổng lồ vì chưng is go lớn the Executioner"s campsite northeast of Rattay (marked on your map) khổng lồ pull off the sabotage. Travel khổng lồ the quest marker to the camp. However, it is guarded by a lonenightwatchvà guard dog at almost all times, which can be very tricky if you don"t have the right stealth skills.

We recommkết thúc is sleeping at Miller Peshek"s until about 9PM, to lớn create a save. Around 10-11pm, on a few playthroughs of this quest, wewere able lớn find a period in time where there was no nightwatch and we were able lớn sneak around more freely (be sure khổng lồ remove noisy armor). We"re not exactly certain how regular this is, but in any case, you are going to have to lớn sneak around the camp a bit, nightwatch or no.


The above image shows where you need khổng lồ go in the camp. Poison the tongs on the baông chồng of the cart, and go to the second floor of the barn lớn sabotage the rope. That"s the easy part.

The Executioner"s Sword is much more frustrating lớn khuyễn mãi giảm giá with, as it is locked in a chest in the tent and is more difficult to get to. Lockpicking is too noisy (perhaps not if your skill is at a higher level) so what you need lớn vày is pickpocket the Executioner khổng lồ get his key. Where the executioner is sleeping is semi-random, but get his key with a successful pickpocket. His companions have nothing of value.

If a guard or dog sees you or wakes up at any point during this, you can quickly sneak away for a bit và hope things settle before trying again.

Once you have sầu the executioner"s key, you can open the chest in the tent to get his sword. Now, you need khổng lồ dull it. We"re not sure if there"s a better place to lớn bởi it, but we went bachồng khổng lồ Rattay in the night to lớn go to lớn the grindstone at the blacksmith in the northeast part of the đô thị. Keep pressing the pressure button và hold the sharp edge of the blade down on the stone for about ten seconds, shifting along the length of the blade. If you bởi it correctly, Henry should affirm verbally that the blade is dull when you leave sầu the grindstone.

On your way bachồng out of Rattay, you might be stopped by a guard (because you have sầu a stolen sword). On one runthroughwe were able lớn persuade hyên not to lớn check Henry. On another, we just put the sword back with the horse temporarily & notoàn thân gave sầu a fuss.

Bachồng at the camp, sneak baông chồng khổng lồ the chest you found the sword & put it bachồng in. Sneak away & congratulations, you finished the hard part! Go baông chồng to lớn Hermann và let hlặng know you are finished. The execution will be held at 2PM the next day, at the marker on your maps. Just watch the fiasteo & have a laugh.

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That"s it! If you have any alternative sầu tips for the quest, you can offer suggestions in the comments below.