Build Riverside is an initiative sầu based on the City of Riverside’s commitment to lớn providing world class customer service and the most efficient, business-friendly development experience possible. It starts from the moment an application is received by the thành phố team & ends with approval for occupancy once construction is successfully completed, encompassing the entire development process. The initiative sầu includes a Đánh Giá and update of city-wide regulations, improved business processes for services in house & in the field, useful công nghệ, và supporting programs like Streamline Riverside, which result in a smoother, more efficient permitting process for all types of development based on simplicity, transparency, collaboration and certainty.

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Collectively, these initiatives have sầu positively impacted customers who require development services, business tư vấn and permits in the City by reducing red tape, expediting entitlement and building permit review times, streamlining the inspection process, and reducing costs using smart technology. Our development service experience allows our customers the autonomy to lớn visit us at our award winning One Stop Shop here in City Hall, or to connect with us through our virtual services platform, including our newly released Public Permit Portal.

Riverside is open for business & our dedicated team is here lớn serve and help you BUILD Riverside


The award-winning Streamline Riverside program is a collaboration of City departments including Community & Economic Development, Fire Prevention, Public Works, Riverside Public Utilities, Parks và Recreation và Finance. City staff worked closely with a working group ofkey stakeholders that include kiến thiết professionals, developers, builders, và business owners. Through the process, the City solicited feedbaông chồng on the development nhận xét process leading to lớn recommendations that remove sầu red tape & help facilitate a timely and effective development Reviews process. The working group met on several occasions và their đầu vào and tư vấn was critical lớn the success of the program. The City also actively engaged with the Greater Riverside Chambers of Commerce to lớn garner feedbaông xã và input đầu vào on the proposed improvements.


Collectively, the Streamline Riverside program has significantly reduced entitlement & building permit nhận xét times & cost for our customers. Those positively affected by the Streamline Riverside program include property owners, business owners, developers, design professionals và contractors. In fact, nearly all customers who require development or business permits in the City have sầu been positively affected by the Streamline Riverside Program.

Streamline Riverside provides our customers with various “tools in the toolbox” that allow customers khổng lồ seamlessly work through the development process và promotes certainty và transparency which is critical for businesses & property owners as we know, time is money.

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Development tools created as part of the program include:

An award winning One Stop Shop with the entire City development team located on the third floor of City Hall.A streamlined Development Review Committee process that includes an option for early đầu vào from all City Departments through our Conceptual Design Đánh Giá process or comprehensive sầu City-wide, coordinated reviews processes for all entitlements.Reduced red tape through code updates to the City Zoning Code, & others, which move projects through the process in an expedited manner.Uniform Plan Cheông chồng Turnaround ensures all City teams return plan review comments by the same date, creating efficiency and certainty for customers.Expedited Plan Check Services allows you to request quicker service in times of need for an additional fee, which can cut nhận xét times in halfUseful Technology includes a new Public Permit Portal powered by POSSE LMS and Computronix, which provides customers with remote access 24/7 lớn the City team và your projects using our online permit tracking software system. Submit projects, permit applications and electronic plans from the comfort of your office or home, obtain real time status updates, pay fees, schedule inspections and more, saving you time and money without a visit khổng lồ City Hall. Most all City development projects can submit online, no matter the size or complexity of the project, ensuring the City maintains resilient services and continuity of operations under any condition, while also promoting a sustainable environment for our community.

Collectively, these helpful tools promote a “customer centric” development process that is efficient, consistent và transparent for our customers.

House Riverside

The City has initiated the update to our Housing Element. Every eight years, the California Department of Housing & Community Development assesses the projected housing needs of the entire state & assigns a minimum number of housing units lớn be produced over the following eight-year period lớn the governing bodies of the state’s major regions. Those governing bodies are then responsible for assigning the individual communities within their boundaries their nội dung of those units – called the Regional Housing Need Allocation (RHNA). A new eight-year cycle will begin in fall of 2021 và, due to a combination of factors that resulted in chronic under-production of housing across the state, the expected RHNA numbers will be higher than ever in many places. Southern California alone must identify space for 1.3 million new homes over the next eight years just to lớn catch up with past under-production and expected need. Riverside’s share is a minimum of 18,415 units, & in order lớn make sure we can safely meet that minimum, the City will need lớn identify space for approximately 24,000 new homes by 2029.