The country is an economic powerhouse.

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Their company became a powerhouse in the đoạn phim game industry. She"s a powerhouse on the tennis court. This year"s team is a powerhouse that"s winning its games easily. Seaweed is a powerhouse of vitamins and minerals. He is a powerhouse of ideas.
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Recent Examples on the Web Though New Delhi is India’s capital, the United States needed something big and impressive for a consulate in Mumbai, then Bomcất cánh, India’s commercial powerhouse. — New York Times, 27 July 2021 Takato lớn và Tonaki also hope to lớn phối off an avalanche of success for the powerhouse Japanese juvì team, which could contend for every gold medal. — Greg Beacmê man, Star Tribune, 23 July 2021 Guangdong, China’s manufacturing powerhouse, began rationing industrial electricity usage last month, forcing factories khổng lồ shut production lines during peak hours or close entirely for several days straight. — Eamon Barrett, Fortune, 22 June 2021 Foo Fighters are about to lớn welcome live shows baông xã lớn Thành Phố New York City with a June 20th Madison Square Garden concert, và in the meantime, the bvà warmed up closer to home, with a powerhouse two-and-a-half hour show for 800 fortunate ticket-holders.

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— Brian Hiatt, Rolling Stone, 16 June 2021 In more than a decade with Elon Musk’s electric vehicle powerhouse, Guillen held multiple high-protệp tin roles for the company and was aao ước the company’s most senior executives. — Alan Ohnsman, Forbes, 7 June 2021 Atlanta annexed the areas that include Buckhead more than 60 years ago as the đô thị was gobbling up territory to better position itself as a powerhouse American đô thị. — Washington Post, 31 May 2021 Dallas lawyer Yvette Ostolaza is being tapped lớn lead the management committee at global powerhouse legal firm Sidley, becoming one of the highest-ranking Hispanic women lớn chair a law firm of that size. — Dallas News, 26 Aquảng cáo. 2021 The Biden administration is spotlighting three powerhouse Asian countries in advance of the climate summit this week, nations whose commitment to slashing carbon emissions could prove sầu key lớn the meeting’s success. — Anna M. Phillips, Los Angeles Times, 21 Aquảng bá. 2021

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