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A PC"s RAM is probably the aao ước the first things you look at when deciding whether lớn buy it or not. This is understandable, since more RAM does mean more processing power.Unfortunately, most of the times you might notice that your PC is not using as much of the RAM as you have sầu installed, & this guide will show you exactly what to lớn vì lớn fix it.

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Nowadays, RAM comes in abundance since the hardware needs to lớn closely follow the software requirements. And adding more RAM is probably the best way to lớn get your PC go the extra mile.

However, even though some Windows 10 versions support up lớn 512 GB of RAM (yes, you read that right), your RAM is of no use if it’s not fully employed in the system processing. Some users reported that the difference between the installed và used RAM is enormous.

This is a grave sầu problem & we’ll make sure lớn help you address it with a few workarounds. In addition, we make an effort khổng lồ explain the background of this peculiar issue. If your PC runs 6GB of RAM instead of the installed 8GB, make sure to kiểm tra the solutions below.

How bởi I use my full RAM on my Windows 10 PC?

ExplanationChechồng boot settingsCheông chồng & update BIOS


There are so many reasons why your installed and physical RAM are 2 different values in the system configuration. Some of the most common reasons for such occurrence are:

Onboard integrated GPU takes some RAM và uses it as a VRAM.Integrated GPU’s mostly come with 256 MB of VRAM or so, và therefore it’s obvious for them to take some of that RAM plenitude in order to work in a seamless manner.

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Motherboard và BIOS are optimized for a certain RAM amount.If you add more RAM than it’s initially supported, your system won’t be able lớn ‘see’ it.Certain Windows versions tư vấn only limited RAM.Windows 10, with the 32-bit architecture, can read only up to 4GB of RAM.

When it comes to Windows 10, these are the supported RAM values for different iterations:

trang chủ 64 bit: 128 GB
.Pro 32-bit: 4 GB.Pro 64-bit: 512 GB.Enterprise 32-bit: 4 GB

In addition, make sure to lớn check your RAM placement. Remove sầu your RAM thẻ from the dedicated socket, try another socket, and check for changes.

On the other hvà, if you’re positive about the RAM compatibility và its physical placement on the motherboard, two steps we presented below are essential for retaining your full RAM values.