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famous, renowned, celebrated, noted, notorious, distinguished, eminent, illustrious mean known far và wide. famous implies little more than the fact of being, sometimes briefly, widely và popularly known. a famous actress renowned implies more glory & acclamation. one of the most renowned figures in sports history celebrated implies notice & attention especially in print. the most celebrated beauty of her day noted suggests well-deserved public attention. the noted mystery writer notorious frequently adds to lớn famous an implication of questionableness or evil. a notorious gangster distinguished implies acknowledged excellence or superiority. a distinguished scientist who won the Nobel Prize eminent implies even greater prominence for outstanding unique or character. the country"s most eminent writers illustrious stresses enduring honor and glory attached to lớn a deed or person. illustrious war heroes

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Poggio prospected for manuscripts across much of western Europe, visiting the renowned monasteries of Reichenau & Fuldomain authority, và wandering as far afield as Cologne, London, Paris, & Rome. — Fred Lerner, The Story of Libraries, 1998 He was renowned for his appetite—in the mid-60"s, his daily breakfast consisted of six steaks, four plates of pasta và a dozen eggs … — Maureen Dowd, New York Times, 24 June 1993 … it was hard for me to realize that I was lớn be honoured by a degree from the oldest and most renowned university in America. — Booker T. Washington, Up From Slavery, 1901 a restaurant renowned for its wine các mục the renowned painter, sculptor, architect, và engineer, Leonarbởi da Vinci
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Recent Examples on the Web The festival will also offer a variety of premium experiences highlighting renowned chefs from the area through its Sip và Savor program. — Sylvia Goodman, The Courier-Journal, 7 Aug. 2021 This is about achieving the excellence for which UC is renowned. — Los Angeles Times, 27 July 2021 The restaurant, which also offers omakase dining, is renowned và not to be missed. — Lilah Ramzi, Vogue, đôi mươi July 2021 Around here, Sean McDonough is probably most renowned for his 1988-2004 run as the Red Sox’ superb television play-by-play announcer, mostly on Ch. —, 4 July 2021 Commissioned by the ArchDuchess of Hungo-Austria Empire Maria Klotild in 1902, The Matild Palace became renowned for its spectacular architecture and legendary parties. — Cailey Rizzo, Travel + Leisure, 29 June 2021 The planes became renowned for their easy operation & maintenance, as well as for their strength and flexibility. — Kyle Mizokamày, Popular Mechanics, 18 June 2021 Right now, the state’s power-grid operator is a national punchline, so renowned for its ineptitude that comedians can go viral with ERCOT parody videos. — Gilbert Garcia, San Antonio Express-News, 15 June 2021 BottleRock will also feature the legendary Williams Sonoma Culinary Stage, showcasing a unique mashup of cooking demonstrations with renowned chefs, celebrities, performers và rochồng stars. — Dave Brooks, Billboard, 17 May 2021

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