a part on a machine, computer, etc. that is used khổng lồ control something, for example the volume that something is played at:

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a type of small sandwich, especially a small hamburger, served as a snachồng or at the start of a meal:
Different effects require different controls, và the interface adapts by assigning sliders & option buttons lớn specific parameters.
Finding positions of the sliders corresponds lớn an inverse kinematic solution when the pose of the platform is given.
The sliders interface, whilst it physically allowed people to lớn control multiple parameters, forced the user to lớn mentally "strip apart" the control task into lớn separate control streams.
In addition khổng lồ the sliders, most tools can be "trained", using the second mouse-button, to lớn control the orientation of hatching or the length of a brush stroke.
A more recent study found that a multislider sometimes fared better than a ngân hàng of sliders with multiple selection, even when subjects could not verbalise how the multislider worked.
The rigid-toàn thân motion of sliders & intermediate linkages is derived from the given motion of the moving platkhung by solving inverse kinematics of the parallel manipulator.
Example from the Hansard archive. Contains Parliamentary information licensed under the mở cửa Parliament Licence v3.0
The toàn thân is supported on beam over the amortizers, equipped by rubber dowel, through edge sliders; while serves only for transmitting horizontal forces.
The cylinder was attached at its upper over to a slider, which was oscillated along a rail by means of a scotch yoke mechanism.
During the experiments, the human operator pushes the master slider along the x-axis direction và then releases gradually.
He throws mainly sinkers và changeups against left-handed hitters và throws mostly four-seamers, sinkers, and sliders against righties.

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During his career, he compiled a.284 batting average against fastballs but compiled just a.170 batting average against sliders.
Specifically, hinges & sliders each impose five sầu constraints and therefore remove sầu five sầu degrees of freedom.
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