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On many occasions after we complete a speech, we often consider thanking our audience. In this scenario, I am not sure if "Thank you all" is the right Should it be "Thanking you all" instead to make it sound correct?



I was actually wondering about thanks very much which I have often heard from British people. Many thanks looks far more grammatically correct than thanks very much because much does not go with countable nouns. –user32480 Jan 11 "13 at 3:39


"Thank you all" is correct because the "I" is implied. The verb "to thank" is correctly conjugated as "thank" for the subject "I." Correct as is!

The word "you", in, can be singular or plural. This is different than in some other languages such as French where there is a distinction between "tu" và "vous" that can either be the formality of the situation or if the addressed are plural or singular.

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So "you all" is correct just as much as using "you" to refer khổng lồ a single person. As one commenter said it is compulsory in southern US dialects where they commonly run the two words together as in "y"all."


For those of you not residing in the southern or southwestern US, "(I) thank y"all." is also correct, and a complete sentence.

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Thank you all sounds ok colloquially, but in correct written a noun or pronoun must always be present, not merely implied.

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I thank you all or I thank all of you would be my first picks.

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