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Some chapters remain mired in highly technical language, while others fail lớn transcend the limited social, cultural contexts of their studies.
The mysticism of religion that is already supposed to transcend xúc tích and rules is a theoretical equal to lớn regulated political incommensurability.
Linguistic control systems enable human beings khổng lồ transcend individual experience & allow the contemplation of possibilities that never have been, và never could be, experienced.
The opponents of the project emphasized that their chiến dịch was not "political", namely, that the issue they promoted transcended các buổi party politics.
Their efforts are most apparent in songs & picturisations which attempt khổng lồ both exploit và transcend the limits of convention.
No single buổi tiệc nhỏ was able to transcend limited constituencies based on religion, ethnicity, language, or region.
The contributors included in this volume provide evidence, they suggest, that " later life is a configuration of experiences that transcends stereotypes " (p. 7).
An ambition that does not transcend explanation embodies (perhaps unintentionally) a conservative disposition.
But does beauty reside in the complex shadowing of poetry, or is it in the music"s celebration of order transcended?
Does the standard by which one judges what is good or better lie within one culture, or does it transcend all cultures?
It is the fuel of the other, " higher" existence the narrator longs for, a life that transcends historical time & space by ignoring it.
The attempt khổng lồ transcend particularism by replacing the idea of national identity with the concept of liberal citizenship does not, therefore, succeed.

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Testing and endeavouring to transcend these comfortable polarities is essential if we are to lớn reach a nuanced understanding.
This coalescence transcended national boundaries & phối itself against the social costs of colonial rule.
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