Hi we’re Whiteboard Animation Studio artistic pioneers of whiteboard animation. Here are our Top Ten reasons why you should NOT choose Videoscribe và instead hire artists10. You don’t have the time.

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Do you have the time to lớn learn another program? How much time

have sầu you spent on just your script already? How much time will you take lớn record your audio; craft your visuals; animate your project; what about sound effects?

9. Videoscribe only works with other programs. Videoscribe only works if you have sầu Photosiêu thị, Illustrator, audio editing programs, music editing programs, video editing software, và animation programs. You will also need a writer, an illustrator, animators, actors, sound effects, and composed music.

8. Your time plus Videoscribe is the same cost as hiring professionals. Videoscribe is $800, but the biggest cost is your time. You will be the writer, the illustrator, the editor, the sound mixer, the sound effects technician, the software technician, the musician. etc. 7. You want khổng lồ be professional Even the smallest mistake lượt thích mistyping your organization’s name, can be a big embarrassment. Even worse is bad illustration or a totally giả hvà. Do you believe the Videoscribe hand? Save sầu some money và vì chưng communicate your lessage right with artists.

6. You don’t want to lớn waste time and money. A large portion of our customers are people who tried Videoscribe and failed. They missed their deadline or their supervisor stepped in because they had embarrassed their organization. Don’t make the same mistake, have your đoạn phim done right the first time.

5. You want lớn impress people. Videoscribe videos are not impressive sầu. You don’t want a mediocre Clip. You want a video clip that people will remember. A video clip that causes people to take action. After all, if the đoạn phim isn’t impressive sầu, then why bởi it? Save sầu some money & make your Clip right with professionals.

4. Their image library is limited.

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Rethành viên you need other programs to lớn run Videoscribe. But in addition to lớn that, their image libraries are limited. Their library never has what you need, & in the style that you need it.

3. Their success rate is very low. Videoscribe’s most popular videos are their tutorials. What does that tell you? But our professional animations regularly reach 100,000 to lớn our top Clip at 30 million views. Do you want the biggest bang for your buck? Then employ artists.

2B. There is a direct correlation between Clip budgets & đoạn phim success. Cheap viral videos involve cats, Babies, and Stupid tricks. Is your message about cats, babies or stupid tricks? I bet it’s not. The top viral videos for real organizations cost money.

2A. You want lớn support artists. Do you want to tư vấn a for-profit software corporation or award-winning artists? Our artists would love sầu for you khổng lồ be their patron.

And the number one reason lớn not use đoạn phim scribe is because Your message is worth it. Videos done right have amazing traông xã records of success so trust professionals. Remember, once you include the cost of the programs you need, the audio, the music, and your time they’re the same price. So save yourself time & money & bởi vì it right the first time. Believe sầu in your Clip. Believe that you can make a difference.