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Blizzard Entertainment has released warcraft 3 patch 1.29 and 1.30 tải về và update. The patch 1.30 is the lakiểm tra update for the warcraft 3 game.

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– Widescreen: The game now supports true 16:9 widescreen; the game no longer requires khổng lồ be stretched to lớn fit a wide resolution.– 24 Players: Maps are able khổng lồ be created và played online with up khổng lồ TWENTY-FOUR players! Prepare for some maps makers khổng lồ go overboard with this!– 12 New Colors: Please welcome Maroon, Navy, Turquoise, Violet, Wheat, Mint, Peach, Lavender, Coal, Snow, Emerald, & Peanut to the faction/player color palette! (Thanks to 
Erkan và others for helping)– Bug fixes: Mac client launches, clans can be created again, various missing textures located


– Hero Balance Changes:- Move sầu Speed: Many heroes had their move-speed increased from 270 -> 290 & some heroes had durations toned down, possibly making for slightly faster gameplay– Buff: Dreadlord, Crypt Lord, Far Seer, Priestess of the Moon, Shadow Hunter, Keeper of the Grove sầu, Firelord, Goblin Tinker, Goblin Alchemist, Dark Ranger– Nerf: Blademaster, Detháng Hunter– Adjust: Mountain King, Warden, Paladin

– Map Pools: All ladder mode maps pools (1v1, 2v2, 3v3, 4v4, & FFA) have sầu been updated with vanilla maps and edited(LV) vanilla maps. See the full bản đồ pool menu and specific balance details in the full patch notes linked at the bottom.

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– World Editor limit expansions: These raised limits speak for themselves. Go crazy modders!

– Object limit increased lớn 30,000– Neutral Units 2,048– Neutral Buildings – 384– Player Units – 4,320– Player Buildings – 2,400– Items – 1,024– Map size limit increased to 480 x 480– Tile slot limit increased to lớn 16– Array kích cỡ increased from 8,192 lớn 32,768

– Full control over special effects : scale, rotate, pitch & more! Say goodbye lớn dummy units for missiles systems or effect systems.– Enhanced control over abilities, items and units.– Even responses khổng lồ mouse actions; mouse hovering và all. Get ready for more innovative arcade maps.

Patch 1.29.2 is ready for work.Specific Changes và ImprovementsLadder reset

Bug Fixes

Plugged the leak allowing Frozen balance into the Chaos bucketThe team game you attempted lớn join has been found; Arranged Teams working as intendedPolish language characters render as Polish againThe text cursor reprises its role as conjurer of textMap download progress % over Battle.net has returned/ping comm& calls forth your need for speedFloating text offphối corrected in widescreenFog và visibility modifiers affect player 13+Visual building upgrades appear for players 13+Unit glow for player 12 is muông xã colored againQuest logs update via scrolling(2)FloodPlains_LV – Removed water clipping in several locations(8)Ferelas_LV – Reduced aggro range for expansion creeps(8)Twilight Ruins_LV – Level 1 permanent items replaced with tomes in Goblin LaboratoriesMinibản đồ dead zones in World Editor resurrectedMoving special effects using the new natives updates their internal positionBlzSetUnitAbilityManaCost no longer affects all units with the chosen abilitySetUnitAbilityCooldown no longer affects all units with the chosen abilityBlzSetUnitName updates GetUnitNameMax clan members and players in channels can actually reach 255…

Known Issues

Joining a custom game or loading a save sầu may result in a crash on MacSetItemName affects all items of a chosen typeIn 24 player games, AI buildings may become stuck in constructionAutomated tournament bản đồ pool updates will be available Soon™


War 3 full 1.29.2.zip (1.2G – Warcraft III 1.29.2full) – Warcraft-III-Setup.exe (2.33MB – Patch 1.29.2)