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Are you looking for a Windows 8 or Windows 8.1 trial with a không tính phí hàng hóa key? Check our article and learn how lớn find và use free product keys lớn activate Windows.

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Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 have been popular in the không tính phí sản phẩm key scene. If you don’t want to spend money on purchasing a properly licensed product key, you can use a không lấy phí one & try one of the lakiểm tra Windows systems at no cost. However, there are some risks you need to take inlớn account when trying this method.


Free hàng hóa keys have sầu been around for decades. Some people want lớn try the system lớn its fullest before making a purchase. Others simply want khổng lồ get around the costs & acquire Windows 8 và 8.1 for miễn phí. As Windows is a licensed sản phẩm, there are some legal risks lớn using miễn phí product keys you find online.


Is using a không tính tiền hàng hóa key illegal?


The legality of using a không tính phí sản phẩm key is a complex topic. The consequences depover on a variety of things, such as the purposes you use the system for.


You won’t be sued for using a không tính tiền hàng hóa key unless you’re running a business và you are audited for licensing. Software Licensing phân tích và đo lường of all software your business utilizes is necessary for many states và countries.


You also won’t be hacked or harmed for activating a Windows 8 or 8.1 key, as long as you don’t use third-buổi tiệc ngọt software for activation. Third-buổi tiệc ngọt apps often carry malware in them, making it unsafe to download and operate something like a “Windows 8 product key generator”.


In some cases, if Microsoft recognizes the hàng hóa key as counterfeit, it’ll be disabled. This means that you might thua trận the activation of your operating system.


Get không tính tiền Windows hàng hóa keys that still work in 2021


Free Windows 8 hàng hóa keys


The following hàng hóa keys are all valid, không tính tiền hàng hóa keys you can use to activate Windows 8. Make sure lớn kiểm tra our instructions below if you’re unsure of how khổng lồ activate your copy of the operating system.






Be sure lớn read our warnings in the section above before using miễn phí product keys. Especially for business owners, this is a potentially risky move sầu.


Free Windows 8.1 product keys


The following sản phẩm keys are all valid, free product keys you can use to lớn activate Windows 8.1 systems. Make sure lớn kiểm tra our instructions below if you’re unsure of how to activate your copy of the operating system.






Be sure to read our warnings in the section above before using không lấy phí sản phẩm keys. Especially for business owners, this is a potentially risky move.


How to activate Windows 8 & 8.1 a sản phẩm key


Now that you have sầu a Windows 8 or 8.1 product key, you need lớn activate it. This will activate your system, allowing you khổng lồ use it khổng lồ the fullest extent. Let’s see how to lớn activate Windows 8 & Windows 8.1 with a sản phẩm key.

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Method 1. Use an automated script


Open the Notepad application on your system. Right-clichồng anywhere, và choose Paste from the context menu. Alternatively, use the Ctrl + V keyboard shortcut.Cliông chồng on File, và then choose khổng lồ Save as... from the context menu. Alternatively, use the Ctrl + Shift + S keyboard shortcut.
Name the tệp tin “1cliông chồng.cmd” without the quotation marks, và save sầu it somewhere easily accessible. Click on the Save button khổng lồ proceed.
Locate the file & right-cliông xã on it, & then choose Run as administrator from the context thực đơn.
The script will run & try to activate Windows 8 or Windows 8.1 with a valid và free product key.


Method 2. Manually activate Windows


Log in with a local administrator account. Ensure that you’re connected khổng lồ the mạng internet when activating your product key.Press the Windows + I keys on your keyboard khổng lồ bring up the Settings charm. Here, clichồng on the Change PC settings button.In the PC settings window, select the Activate Windows tab. This is where you can input đầu vào your product key. If you can’t see this option, your system may already be activated.
Click on the Enter Key button. You can also see your current activation status in the same window.
A new window should appear, where you can enter your sản phẩm key. You can either use one of the không tính tiền hàng hóa keys above or purchase a legitimately licensed hàng hóa key from us.Press the Enter key on your keyboard. If product activation is successful, you’ll see the “Thanks, you"re all done” message display.Click the Close button lớn finish the activation process.


Purchase Windows 8 và 8.1 for cheap


If you lượt thích the operating system after activating it with your free product key, we recommend making a purchase to lớn acquire a legal license. Here at, we sell systems at an affordable low price, with reliable support và step-by-step instructions on how to lớn activate your new OS.


Browse Windows 8 và Windows 8.1 products and licenses from as low as $84.99 USD per license. Get instant, legal access lớn licensed operating systems for an affordable market price, và cash in rewards by joining our program.


Final thoughts


If you need any further help with Windows, don’t hesitate to lớn reach out khổng lồ our customer service team, available 24/7 to lớn assist you. Return lớn us for more informative sầu articles all related khổng lồ productivity and modern-day technology!


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