It doesn"t look like this phrase is very popular! The search could not find any examples on the internet.

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Some examples from the web:

Jul 30, 2011 ... I work at Microsoft. I work at the Microsoft Redmond campus. Whereas for cannot be used this way: I work for Microsoft. *I work for the Microsoft ...Mar 18, 2011 ...

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I work in/at/for a company that makes microchips. I work at/for Hãng sản xuất Intel. I work in/for Intel"s accounting division. (in sounds more natural in this case).Here are liên kết to the five sầu most popular I Work at a Public Library posts of the year. 5. Nelle, Poor. 4. The Importance of Label Placement. 3. Baby, Father and. 2.Feb 26, 2010 ...

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Depende..... I work AT the police departmentpuede ser secretario y no policía. I work IN the police departmentyo soy policia. I work FOR the ...

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